About Us



Founded in 2013, Smart Kids, Inc.  provides free  1:1 tutoring/mentoring, health and nutritional education, S.T.E.A.M. activities services to students that are failing one subject through the Tutor Me Program. We primarily serve undeserved students that are from low-to-moderate income (LMI) families/demographic communities. 

The Tutor Me Programs provide students with free access to receive academic support to help them to understand subjects that they are failing. Over the years, we have successfully helped many students out academically through this program. Previously,  we have partnered with and implemented this program at  Urban Impact Center (St. Louis City - Lincoln University), University City, Hazelwood, and Jennings School Districts.  In addition, we can not do this without our dedicated tutors from our partnerships with  Saint Louis University, University Missouri of St. Louis, and Webster University.  

As an educational nonprofit, we are  dedicated to the success of the undeserved students that are need services first hand.  One successful long term goals is to partner with more school districts to implement the Tutor Me Program each year.

Big News

For the 2020-2021 school, Smart Kids, Inc. will offer the "Parent Support Program". This program will offer parents/guardians ongoing support for their child's education, financial education, computer skills, resume builder, and job interview readiness. 


Q: When does the Tutor Me Program take place?

A: The Tutor Me Program takes place September - May of each school year.

Q: Will my child receive their own tutor and how long are the sessions?

A: Yes, your child will be paired up with their own personal tutor and each session is 60 minutes long. Your child will receive up to two sessions per week (120 minutes).

Q: What is ESSC? 

A: ESSC is our Explore St. Louis Summer Camp where we provide campers the opportunity to explore different attractions, exhibits, events, and other vendors outside of their neighborhood.